Quality Mission Statement

It is Lyle's belief that in order to be a viable supplier to the automotive industry, continual efforts must be made to improve quality, reduce waste and reduce costs. Our Quality Mission Statement reflects this commitment:

"In the course of our daily endeavors, we will pursue continuously higher levels of product and service quality..."



Quality Action Plan

Lyle Industries is committed to expanding its efforts in the automotive floor covering market. The Company continues to specialize in this segment of the carpet industry, concentrating its resources and efforts toward becoming a more efficient and low cost supplier. Our Production Schedule is structured to meet our customer's needs for Just in Time delivery. Quality and Service will forever be our number one priority!

As part of our continuous improvement program, Lyle has committed the time, effort and resources required to implement and expand an SPC Program to meet rigid requirements for the major automotive and truck manufacturers.

Our completed ISO-9001:2000 certification is a vital component of our Quality Action Plan, and a component that Lyle Industries is dedicated to uphold and preserve. We feel that our ISO certification is not a final quality destination, but a beginning toward better quality products.