In August, 1992, Lyle Industries moved into a new 150,000 square foot manufacturing plant and executive building. The construction of this new facility represented a consolidation of tufting and coating operations as well as a major expansion of manufacturing capacity. 

Lyle Industries operates a variety of broadloom tufting machines to manufacture a wide range of products for the automotive and other specialty markets. As styling trends have changed in the industry over the last five years toward low profile, high density styles, additional fine gauge tufting machines have been acquired in order to assure that our customers will be on the leading edge of these new styling trends. Our most recent tufting machines are 1/10 gauge and 5/64 gauge cut pile tufters with modular gauge parts and low pile height capabilities. This allows us to produce an extensive range of products, including many of the popular European and Japanese styled velour carpets. Additionally, we have machines with patterning capabilities allowing a large variety of patterns to be produced.

Depending on tufting widths and constructions, Lyle Industries has a capacity of approx. 14 million square meters of carpet per year. As customer needs require, Lyle is continually evaluating and expanding capacity.

With the expansion of the manufacturing plant, Lyle Industries purchased anew Sellers 3-Head Shearing Machine which has been specifically designed for shearing the fine gauge velour styled carpets. This shearing machine also has a Polrotor type tigering attachment which is extremely critical in being able to obtain the fine velvet finish on many of the BCF and spun yarn velour carpet styles.

Another significant acquisition as a result of the expansion in 1992 was a coating and finishing range. The coating oven at Lyle is one of the most versatile ovens installed in the carpet industry. It has the capability of coating all widths of carpet from 48" to 5 meters. More significant, is its ability to apply SBR, acrylic, Nitrile, EVA latex coatings, Crushed Rubber compounds, and laminated foam compounds. In addition, and with minor modifications, the oven can apply coatings of Polyethylene, Polyurethane or PVC.

In 2012 Lyle Industries expanded into central Mexico. This operation services Latin American customers with a logistical hub for JIT (just in time) services.

In 2015 Lyle Industries added a state of the art Die Cutting machine. This machine has the ability to produce any shape by reading engineered data specifications and relaying them to the robotically controlled cutting mechanism. The machine greatly enhances production by operating with minimal manual labor.


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